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Dear customers

Thank you for your loyalty and your trust in us and our products! Thanks to you we have achieved an immense increase in the demand for our products and work and we really appreciate that! With this increased demand, we are facing completely new challenges in order to fully meet this onslaught!

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New – The special “Punisher – CTR / TacA1” Version!

The Tikka CTR and Tac A1 do not have an undercut on the thread, which until now has ensured that muzzle brakes, silencers etc. have left a large gap. For this problem we have now provided a version of our Punisher muzzle brake in 5/8x24unef with a special undercut to solve this

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German Gun Stock “Adjustable Butt Plate”!

At the end of 2020 another small masterpiece... The German Gun Stock "Adjustable Butt

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We now have the new 3D Velcro patch for you in 3 colors! In our shop …

The German Gun Stock-3D Patch. A Must-Have for every Velcro-Surface! No Matter if jacket or bag! – high quality 3D PVC Patch! ​- Incl. Velcro and sewing patch! – in 3 colors! – 85mm

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