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Geschäftsfüher/CEO: Thomas Graf
Burkhardswalder Str. 1 a
01809 Mueglitztal


Phone: +49 (0)35027 / 483694
E-Mail: info (at) german-gun-stock.de

Please note that we do not have a dedicated service employee for the telephone.

In order to offer you the best possible information, experience and service, ALWAYS call Thomas or Phil, who will advise you 100% authentically! Since we are of course also working on the products around the clock, we are not always able to answer the phone!

For this purpose, our telephone is an IP telephone system. You therefore do not hear the busy tone even when we are on the phone. If you cannot reach us, please write us an email or use our contact form. Feel free to leave us your callback request with several suitable time windows!

Thanks very much!


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