100% Badass german craftsmanship

We, German Gun Stock, are a small company dedicated to the
tuning of precision weapons with the main focus on “Tikka T3”.
The concept of weapons:
Our products are developed with support from instructors of the long-range shooting,
shooting instructors from authorities and former sniper of the special units.
Our focus is on the improvement of precision and handling of weapons.
The concept of production:
Our concept is, to pass the production and to get all materials from German small and medium sized enterprises.
We entirely avoid inferior products and productions, from e.g. Far East.
Our composite wood is manufactured by German carpenter-masters.
Our milling work is produced by ourselves and medium-sized precision mechanics businesses for us.
The bearings and guides are from the company Igus.
Even the screws for our chassis are made by the company Recknagel,
the buttplate is made by the company Wegu-GFT from Thuringia.
It is intended to strengthen the quality and the German SME sector primarily.
Therefore, we can´t of course match prices as e.g. producer of manufactured parts in millions of copies,
in China, can make.
We offer you a small label, communications and voice, as it gets in a manufacture only.
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