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German Gun Stock “Carbon Mirage Cover”

Who doesn’t know the problem when shooting extensively, the mirage quickly obscures our view of the
target? We now have the solution for you!

The German Gun Stock “Carbon Mirage Cover”!

It consists of high-strength and heat-repellent carbon with a thickness of one millimeter!

The German Gun Stock “Carbon Mirage Cover” fits German Gun Stock “Punisher” muzzle brakes perfectly.  

You hang the front on the matching mirage cover screw and for the scope side you simply clamp the rubber to your mount. Of course you have different rubber lengths included.

So that it fits perfectly on every rifle or barrel length, we have our “Carbon Mirage Cover” in 3 basic sizes for you!

  • 420mm for barrels from 18-22″ – with a weight of 44g

  • 530mm for barrels from 22-26″ – with a weight of 56g

  • 600mm for barrels from 26-28″ – with a weight of 65g

The German Gun Stock “Carbon Mirage Cover” are now available in our online store!


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