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Tikka Tuning

Apart from our Stocks, we have developed numerous tunings and improvements for the Tikka models T3 (x) and T1 (x) over the years. Including our “Tacticool” bolt handle for the T1 and T3 or the curved “Tacticool” version.

Safe grip, no slipping, stress-free handling even in sweaty situations

Tacticool Bolt Handle or Tikka T3(x) Models:

Tacticool Bolt Handle for Tikka T1(x) Models:

our Picatinny rail “Prime” for the Tikka T3 (x) with integrated recoil studs ensures safety and precision in every position.

It consists of high-strength 7075 aluminum and is black hard-anodized and lasered with our logo.

As a special feature, it has a recoil lug that is supported in the system. This means that there are no shear forces on the screws during recoil, but rather are intercepted by the rail.

We have them in 0MOA and 20MOA inclination in two different lengths. The standard system length (205mm) and the “Extendend” version which is 40mm longer!

Now also as ELR Series in 30 and 40MOA and for the T1x in 40 und 60MOA!

Tikka T3 / T3x stainless steel recoil lugs

The base for precision!
In exchange for the original recoil lugs made of softer aluminum. Improves the hold of the system during recoil and thus the precision.
With “GGS” engraving.

You can get all detailed information about the individual stocks and options in our shop:


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