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… on our new homepage! From now on there is even more information here, better organized and also optimized for smartphones!

We have also created additional sections such as service and all information about GGS Rifles (EU Only) for you.

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Here it is… We now exclusively offer you the “Voere – GGS M1”!

The “Voere – GGS M1” is a modular precision rifle that leaves nothing to be desired. Our goal was to create a modular premium rifle that is still

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Our newest Release... "Cobra" Stock, new Stock Colors 2023 and GGS - Remington 700!

Release... Outlaw and Velociraptor...

We proudly present you … the next level!

To our new Premium Stocks, we have also published all relevant articles. The right ARCA Rail, The GGS “Drecksack” and even a massive carbon bipod that is a real bargain … Click here for the Stock Equipment!


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"I love the Reaper! It felt strange when I first held it, but once I shot it, my eyes were opened! 🤣"

"Such three-shot groups I have never done with the original Stock as in the picture at 200m!!! - Pics on our Instagram Account


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