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Those who love to push the fat… “Punisher Magnum”  Muzzle Brake! 

We are constantly developing new parts for you that we test and grow and learn from. And whenever one is exceptionally good, we make a series out of it!  We present to you, the “Punisher Magnum” muzzle brake! A muzzle brake specifically for the fatter caliber classes. 300grain bullet from a .338LapuaMagnum without muzzle highkick and a massive recoil dampening.

Our “Punisher Magnum” muzzle brake / flash hider is specially designed for Magnum calibers!
It has 4 chambers, which are arranged at 90 degrees. This allows shooting without “sandblasting” the spotter, neighboring shooter or hunting companion when firing, as can happen with 45 degree backward angled muzzle brakes.
Furthermore, the first chambers are open at the top, efficiently suppressing high impact.
In addition, the “Punisher Magnum” has an extra “port” in the last chamber against high impact!

The “Punisher Magnum” brake is highly efficient with Magnum calibers! No matter if 300WSM, 300WinMag or .338LapuaMagnum! With e.g. .308win factory ammunition we could find only little improvements compared to the normal Punisher muzzle brake. But also no disadvantages. So if you love the brute look, you’re just as welcome! With tighter handloads or shorter barrels, the extra ports of the “Punisher Magnum” could dampen a little more recoil even with a .308win.

Our Recoil-Resusts: 
Bosch-Rexroth Linaer bearing slide, compressive force measurement in kg! Average values after 5 shot series.

.338Lapua Magnum (300grain Lapua Scenar, Factory Ammo from 69cm / 27″ barrel )

without brake39kg
with “Punisher” muzzle brake29kg
with “Punisher Magnum” muzzle brake21kg

.308Win (168grain Hornady BTHP, Factory Ammo from 60cm / 24″ barrel)

without brake18kg
with “Punisher” muzzle brake11kg
with “Punisher Magnum” muzzle brake10kg

The “Punisher Magnum” muzzle braks comes in “6mm – .30” and “.338” caliber! Other calibers we manufacture of course also with the “Punisher Magnum” still for you on request! 
As thread size we have  M15x1, M18x1, 5/8x24unef and the special M19x1 (20mm) thread from Voere

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The video shows a .338 Lapua with 300grain bullet!


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