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German Gun Stock “Precision Level Mounts”

After several years of hard testing and numerous satisfied customers,
we now also offer our German Gun Stock “Precision Level Mounts” to end customers
via our online store! They are manufactured with the highest precision and minimal tolerances, of course “Made In Germany”! It is manufactured on a 5-axis CNC center, in one clamping of the inner diameter for Picatinny mounting, to guarantee absolute straightness and repeatability of your riflescope!

We have installed a bubble level in our mounts to check whether the rifle is tilted with a quick glance. Each set includes a right and a left level, so that depending on the shooter (right or left weapon) a suitably aligned mount can be installed for the shooter.

As material we have of course chosen a high-strength 7075 – aluminum which was black hard anodized. The Picatinny clamping jaws are made of burnished steel. Our GGS mount has a small “bridge system” on the top which makes it possible to install additional tools such as an optional Picatinny rail.

The weight of the complete set is only 176g (34mm BH10 version) and 204g (30mm BH12 version).

We recommend a torque of:
– 2.2Nm for the mounting rings (3mm Allen key)
– 3.8Nm for the Picatinny clamp (TX20)
You can find suitable, fixed torque wrenches for our mounts in our store!

Scope of delivery: Our GGS mount (2 rings, incl. all mounting materials) comes in a wooden box incl. matching quality tools!

Available in a 30mm version in 12mm built height for scopes with 30mm center tube!
and in a 34mm version in 10mm built height for scopes with 34mm center tube!

The heights are perfect for Tikkas, Voere, Rem700 and Bergaras, etc. with open forends up to 56mm Scopes for a low built height of the riflescope!

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