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Muzzle Brakes

Our “Punisher” muzzle brake / flash hider has 3 chambers which are arranged in 90 degrees. This enables precision shooting without a spotter, neighboring shooters or hunting companion, the shot to “sandblasting”, as it may occur to the rear angled muzzle brakes at 45 degrees. Furthermore, the first chambers are opened to the top and suppress the vertical kick efficiently.

It consists of high grade stainless steel and is SHC coated. SHC is “Super Hard Carbon”. A special coating used in industry to coat high-performance milling cutters.
It has sliding properties for the powder smoke and strengthens the material, and it also offers protection against corrosion and scratches.

All Punisher muzzle brakes have been perfected by professionals and have matured over the years. It serves as an efficient aid against recoil and high kicks while shooting, and it helps to capture the target impact cleanly.

Our Punisher muzzle brakes are now available in 3 versions. The Classic Punisher, as Punisher Lite Version and as compact Punisher TAC!


Our bestseller, the Punisher muzzle brake, is now also available in a special version for Rifleslike the Tikka CTR und Tac A1! The Tikka CTR and Tac A1 do not have an undercut on the thread, which until now has ensured that muzzle brakes, silencers etc. have left a large gap. For this problem we have now provided a version of our Punisher muzzle brake in 5/8x24unef with a special undercut to solve this problem.
ATTENTION all other tikkas have the undercut, only the CTR barrels (like TacA1) do not have it!

Punisher TAC

The Punisher TAC is a compact tactical version of our Punisher muzzle brake
and is also perfect for AR15 and other AR systems in addition to precision rifles. Also perfect for match barrels like Tikka T3x CTR! (See article photo)!
It has 3 chambers that are arranged at 90 degrees. Furthermore, the first chambers are open at the top and efficiently suppress the upward movement. It can be changed at any time without tools. Despite its compact size, it is still very efficient at combating recoil and high kicks of the rifle.

Punisher Lite

Our Punisher muzzle brake is now also available as a hunting version. The “Punisher Lite”!
It has 3 chambers that are arranged at 90 degrees. Furthermore, the first chambers are open at the top and efficiently suppress the upward movement while shooting. The “Punisher Lite” is our light, compact hunting muzzle brake especially for a lite barrel contour. It is nevertheless very efficient in combating recoil and high kicks of the rifle.

In terms of hunting, our customers are very fund of the “Punisher Effect”
Since it is not a closed body, like a silencer, the gases are efficiently discharged to the side and the sound pressure is also not pushed forward. Therefore, the game does not perceive the shot (and especially the direction of it). (Examples in the Video)

Punisher Installation Videos

Our “Punisher” – muzzle break comes in a wooden box, incl. matching tool by Würth, locking screw and lead balls.

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