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German Gun Stock - Tikka Rifles

Only to EU Of course we also sell completely 

German Gun Stock – Tikka Rifles

at significantly more attractive prices compared to individual purchases!

Our complete weapon prices depend of course on the exact equipment. Here are some examples:

Our German Gun Stock – Tikka T3x models have our typical tuning works such as trigger revision, the fluted bolt, the Tacticool bolt handle (straight or curved), Picatinny rails and of course a German Gun Stock! (Outlaw or VelociRaptor plus 200,- Euro!)

Tikka T3x ModellOUR PRICESavings
Lite2.549,00 €306,00 €
Lite Kurz2.689,00 €301,00 €
Lite Stainless2.799,00 €301,00 €
Lite Stainless kurz2.929,00 €306,00 €
Superlite2.649,00 €320,00 €
Superlite Kurz (308/30-06/270/6.5×55)2.799,00 €305,00 €
Superlite SS2.899,00 €316,00 €
Tikka T3x Varmint2.749,00 €336,00 €
Tikka T3x Varmint Kurz2.899,00 €321,00 €
Tikka T3x ModellOUR PRICESavings
Tikka T3x Varmint Stainless2.999,00 €355,00 €
Tikka T3x Varmint Stainless Kurz3.099,00 €390,00 €
Tikka T3x SuperVarmint RTG3.599,00 €405,00 €
Tikka T3x Roughtech2.899,00 €311,00 €
T3x Veil Alpine3.249,00 €341,00 €
T3x Wideland3.249,00 €341,00 €
CTR2.829,00 €322,00 €
CTR Stainless2.999,00 €372,00 €
Tikka T3x TAC A1OUR PRICESavings
TAC A1 Coyote
2.999,00 €
2.999,00 €
337,00 € 363,00 €
TAC A1 inkl. GGS-Bremse2.899,00 €378,00 €

Incl. Bolt Handle, fluted Bolt and Trigger Tuning.

Tikka T1x OUR PRICESavings
Tikka T1x1.649,00 €237,00 €

Incl. Bolt Handle, Trigger Tuning and GGS-Stock. (Outlaw or VelociRaptor plus 200,- Euro!)

Surcharge on Rifles – SERVICE:

Barrel Thread incl. German “Beschuss Amt”

229,00 €
Barrel Shortening, Barrel Thread incl. German “Beschuss Amt”249,00 €
Barrel Thread incl. German “Beschuss Amt”, and GGS-Muzzle Brake299,00 €
(incl. Shortening) 
Cerakote Action and Barrel149,00 €
Our gunsmith work takes place on the most modern precision CNC lathes and milling machines. 

Factory Rifles

Of course, we are also happy to sell you basic weapons with and without tuning work.

For a detailed offer, order, etc. please write us an Email!


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