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Here it is... the "Voere - GGS M1"

The “Voere – GGS M1” is a modular precision rifle that leaves nothing to be desired.
Our goal was to create a modular premium rifle that is still affordable. With Voere as our partner, we can now offer you just that.
A modular precision rifle that can be transformed within seconds from a light hunting rifle in (e.g.) .308win to a heavy match rifle in (e.g.) .338 Lapua Magnum. And the barrel options, the range of calibers and variables such as manual cocking or three-position safety, match triggers with pressure point or direct trigger are a guarantee that everyone will find their favorite setup.

Both the barrel and the caliber can be changed within seconds. And across all caliber classes.

Precision with standard match ammunition in all calibers. In the pictures 5 shot groups each, Hornady Match in 6.5Creedmoor 140gr and .338LaupuaMag, RWS Target Elite Plus in 300gr on 100m.


The barrels of the “Voere – GGS M1” are made by Lothar Walther and stand for absolute precision. We offer 3 different barrel contours.

– UltraMatch –

(Match barrel, conical with 23mm at the muzzle, up to 72cm barrel length)

– Varmint –

(match barrel, cylindrical 21mm, up to 66cm barrel length)

– Light –

(Hunting barrel, conical with 15-16mm at the muzzle, up to 65cm barrel length)

Available caliber:


Mini Caliber 60cm
.222 Rem1:14″ 
.223 Rem1:12″ 
Standard Caliber 60cm
6,5×47 Lapua1:8″ 
6,5×55 SE1:8,5″ 
7mm – 08 Rem1:9,5″ 
8×57 IS1:9,5″ 
25-06 Rem1:10″ 
22-250 Rem1:14″ 
243 Win1:10″ 
270 Win1:10″ 
308 Win1:12″ 
30-06 Spring1:10″ 
Medium Caliber 60cm
8×68 S1:11″ 
Magnum Caliber 65cm
7mm Rem. Mag.1:8,5″ 
7mm WSM1:9,5″ 
270 WSM1:10″ 
300 WSM1:10″ 
300 Weath. Mag1:10″ 
300 Win. Mag1:10″ 
338 Win. Mag1:10″ 
Ultramagnum 65cm
338 Lapua Mag1:10″ 
375 H&H Mag1:12″ 


Standard Caliber  
6,5×47 Lapua1:8″66cm
6,5×55 SE1:8,5″66cm
6.5 Creedmoor1:8″51cm
6.5 Creedmoor1:8″60cm
7mm – 08 Rem1:9,5″66cm
25-06 Rem1:10″66cm
22-250 Rem1:14″66cm
243 Win1:10″66cm
308 Win1:12″51cm


Caliber TwistLength
Mini Caliber  
.223 Rem1:9″51cm
Standard Caliber  
6,5×47 Lapua1:8″66cm
6,5×55 SE1:8,5″66cm
6.5 Creedmoor1:8″66cm
308 Win1:12″66cm
Magnum Caliber  
300 Win. Mag1:10″66cm
300 Norma Mag1:15″-1:9″ Progressive72cm
338 Lapua Mag1:16″-1:10″ Progressive69cm

The barrel length is the maximum barrel length in the series. Shorter versions, threads, etc. will of course be adapted by us.

Other calibers and options are available from Lothar Walther as special orders, with a longer waiting period and extra charge.

Systemgrößen / Kaliber:

The “Voere – GGS M1” has only 2 Action sizes!

-Magnum System-

Allround up to max Magnum-Action (.223rem – .300Win Mag)

-Ultra Magnum System-

(.338 Lapua Magnum / .300 Norma Magnum and .308win Class)

The Ultra Magnum action has a larger magazine well and therefore its own magazines. It can only be downgraded to the .308win class (such as 6.5Creedmoor, etc) with suitable UM-308 magazines (wide, long UltraMagnum magazine limited to .308win length inside).

Bolt head:

Every barrel needs the right bolt head. These can be changed in seconds and are available for all calibers.

They are available in the sizes;

– Mini (e.g. .223rem)

– Standard (e.g. .308win)

– Magnum (e.g. .300 WinMag, WSM, etc)

– UltraMagnum (e.g. .338Lapua Magnum)

Bolt head subdivided.


We offer two safety options.

The “three-position lock”, with the functions:

– safe and chamber locked

– safe and chamber open and

– unsafe.

And as a second option, a “manual cocking device” with chamber lock. Locked and unlocked by pressing the button with the thumb.


We offer 3 match pressure point triggers.

In advance, trigger weight and pressure point resistance adjustable, trigger weight adjustable (700g – 1300g):

(I) Curved trigger blade

(II) Straight trigger blade

(III) Adjustable trigger blade

Or our direct trigger/rear trigger:

(IV) Direct trigger/fine trigger, trigger weight adjustable (700g – 1300g).

(V) Back-stabbing, inserted: 250 g | uninserted/normal: 1500g

Picatinny Rails / MOA Options:

The Picatinny rail on the system is made of burnished steel, 8 mm high and available with the following forward tilt:

– 0 MOA

– 20 MOA

– 30 MOA

– 40 MOA

The barrel / caliber change:


For the “Voere – GGS M1” of course every German Gun Stock is available in every available color and option!

All information about our stocks, the colors and the extension options as well as the corresponding videos can be found “here”



VOERE GGS M1 – Light2.899 €
VOERE GGS M1 – Varmint3.499 €
VOERE GGS M1 – Ultramatch3.899 €
VOERE GGS M1 – UltraMatch .338LM / .300NM4.399 €

Complete weapon prices included:

– Magazine (2/3 rounds for Light, 4/5 for Varmint and UltraMatch)

– Match pressure point trigger (700-1300g), (optional direct trigger)

– Steel Picatinny rail 0, 20, 30 or 40MOA

– GGS stock Ranger/Predator/Raptor/Reaper (+200Euro Outlaw/VelociRaptor/Cobra)

(Optional: Adjustable butt plate only length +180Euro, length and height +200Euro)

– matching GGS muzzle brake (for Light “Punisher Hunting/TAC”, for Varmint “Punisher”, for Ultramatch “Punisher Magnum”)

All “Voere – GGS M1” come in a sturdy Hardcase Match rifle case (internal dimensions: 1305 x 325 x 130 mm) in black!


Changeable barrels (Options like Caliber):

Light699,92 €
Varmint911,93 €
Match1.166,50 €
Match UltraMagnum .338LM / .300NM1.590,64 €

Bolts and Bolthead:

Bolthead (Mini, Standard, Magnum or UltraMagnum)180,38 €
Complete Bolt “manual cocking device” (without Head and Safetypin)424,14 €
Complete Bolt with 3-position safety (without head and safety Pin)424,14 €
Safety Pin (safes the Bolthead)36,00 €


Magazin 2/3-Shot106,01 €
Magazin 4/5-Shot127,23 €
UM Magazin 4/5-Shot for UltraMagnum Actions .308win or .338 Size190,90 €


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